Agile2015 and dreaming for Agile2016

So, I’m not a touchy-feely kind of person. I’m a direct, bossy, get to the point one. It’s the consultant answer, neither is good or bad, it’s situational. Now, with that context of me, I will tell you about a session from yesterday at Agile2015.

Lyssa did a beautiful session (and I’m not touchy-feely). I do not say words like beautiful in my regular vocabulary. But it was just that – BEAUTIFUL! It touched me deeper than many things usually do and I am ready to revitalize this mission with a new fervor and passion!

We talked about our dreams of next years Agile conference. We talked about where we want #WomenInAgile to go. We talked, we confessed, we DREAMED.

Here is the transcript that I had created from it. Also Sarah Baca graciously did a video of it! Look forĀ a word cloud or something with it as well.

But, what I did not say yesterday was my DREAM — that this is not a thing someday. That #womenInAgile is irrelevant. That the diversity is there so we don’t have to discuss it not being there. Let’s do more than just dream — let’s do! Let’s make it happen #itWasNeverADress

-Natalie Warnert, Lyssa Adkins, and Sara Baca and all WomenInAgile!

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