Women In Agile is a grassroots effort to get more women involved in the Agile community through blogging, speaking at events, and building a network among other women. Thank you for your interest in this effort!

The Changing Face of Agile – #Agile2016 keynote video

#WomenInAgile Initiative – Agile Alliance

#WomenInAgile Podcast at #Agile2016

New Podcast on #womenInAgile and gender diversity!

Here is a podcast to learn more – (#WomenInAgile comes up at the end)

Here is the transcript from the Agile2015 #WomenInAgile Dreaming Session

Check out the new research page with a thesis on Women In Agile!

Want to know what you can do to get involved? Here are some ideas:

  • Join the discussion by joining our LinkedIn group
  • Follow our Twitter hashtag and tweet with it: #WomenInAgile
  • Co-author a blog post with another woman
  • Submit a blog post you’d like published
  • Pay attention to calls for submissions and papers for upcoming conferences (we’ll try to keep you posted here as well)
  • Propose a #WomenInAgile session or open space at the next conference you attend
  • Copy the logo and proudly display it on your site
  • Any other ideas? Let us know!

Please contact us at info@womeninagile.com with comments, questions, or ideas.

We look forward to hearing from you – continue promoting the work of outstanding Women In Agile!


7 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. Anjali Leon

    Inspired by the work of many amazing women in agile, I found my passion as an Agile Coach and Instructor.
    Following the impromptu women in agile session at ATS 2015, I wanted to bring the sentiment and conversation that we shared in that room back to my Agile community in South Florida.
    Today, I am taking the steps to form a South Florida Women In Agile group with a meetup and LinkedIn group and I look forward to the support of the larger Women In Agile community.

  2. Ipsita

    I’m a woman working in the Agile space, interested in researching topics related to cultural trends and perceptions – great to see I’m in excellent company


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